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Title: Months (No. 009 for fanfic100)
Author: korean_trash
Pairing: Matt/Jere
Word Count: 956
Rating: PG-13 for swearing and mention of criminal activity
Disclaimer: I own nothing.

As soon as Jeremiah agreed that "Photographs" would be MEST's final album, he realized that he had made a huge mistake.

By the time Jeremiah thought to speak up and say something, Matt was already on the phone with his wife with the good news.

Jeremiah often woke up, surprised at how quiet and still it was in his bedroom. He had gotten so used to the rumbling of the tour bus or the activity of yet another hotel room. Tony and Nick would already be up, arguing over where they would stop for breakfast. Nick wanted to go to McDonalds but Tony argued that "you can't have McDonalds for breakfast, lunch, and dinner you jackass." Jeremiah would check up on Matt, who was always the last one up. He'd be sprawled across the mattress on his stomach most of the time, his eyes shut and caked with make up from the night before and his mouth open with a small pool of saliva collecting on his damp pillow. If no one was looking, Jeremiah would run his fingers once through Matt's short puppy dog hair and wonder how someone who had forgotten neglected to take a shower before bed could smell so good. Occasionally, Matt would wake up to find Jeremiah hovering above him. Matt never found a reason to suspect anything as he was an easygoing and trusting guy. He'd just crack a smile and groan "Morning, asshole" with his raspy morning voice that made Jeremiah melt inside.

Since the split, Jeremiah found things to do to occupy himself. He'd go out with friends and hang out with his brother from time to time. He called his parents often and even found a job at a small record store. Nick was being his usual creative self and working on his latest hip hop project. Tony didn't hesitate to jump at an opportunity to start a new band. Matt was busy with his wife and kids. That tore at Jeremiah the most, that Matt had started a family apart from MEST. Sure, Jeremiah had met Matt's wife and she was a nice girl and their baby was just adorable, but for god's sakes, he had a family. He was a husband and a father now and he had no more reason to fuck around in a band that he and his cousin had started when they were piss drunk teenagers. He was an adult with responsibilities and obligations, something Jeremiah could not fully relate to.

It was almost a year and a half since MEST had split when Jeremiah recieved the call. Tony was in jail on the charges of criminal homocide. In other words: murder. Jeremiah could not fathom it. Tony had done some crazy ass shit during the past ten years that Jeremiah had known him, but he had never done anything quite like this.

By the time Jeremiah flew out to Los Angeles, the charges against Tony had been dropped. 'Little fucker', Jeremiah thought. But he was glad to be away from home and even gladder to be with his friends again.

That night, the four former MEST members went out to grab dinner at, well, a Jack In The Box drive-thru.

"Hey, it's no McDonalds but I can't complain," Nick mused after finishing off his second sandwich.

"Fuck yeah," Tony agreed, "I thought I'd be eating prison food for the next hundred years."

Matt just smiled and glanced over at Jeremiah who was sitting next to him in the passenger's seat. "Tony, just consider yourself a lucky bastard that you have friends that will fly out from the other side of the fucking country to bail your ass out of jail."

"Shut the fuck up. You couldn't have bailed me out even if you wanted to." Tony yelled back. And as a second thought, he added, "I love you fuckers."

"Here, here," Jeremiah said, and everyone raised their paper cups and sipped to that.

Things had almost started to feel back to normal again until Matt had to leave four nights later. He had a family back home to be with. As much as Jeremiah resented this, he sucked it up and volunteered to drive Matt to the airport.

In the terminal, Jeremiah realized how much he had missed being with Matt. Things had changed, like Matt's face which was once adorned with piercings, and his wallet which was now filled with business cards and pictures of his kid. But when Matt was alone with Jeremiah, he was the same old Matt who would get excited and whose eyes would sparkle when recounting drunk anecdotes, who would smile with all his teeth showing when he called his friends "assholes", who would hum showtunes while drumming his fingers on his knee. Jeremiah had noticed all of these things about Matt over the past ten years, and he realized now how much he really missed them.

When Matt got up to say his final goodbye, a sudden seriousness crossed his face. "Hey Jere," he started.

"Yeah?" Jeremiah asked.

Matt looked away and said, "Don't tell Tony this but, I'm kind of glad he got arrested cause I couldn't think of any good reasons to see you..." Matt looked back at Jeremiah, "other than the fact that I've missed you."

Jeremiah's heart stopped for a second. Then he realized that he had to say something.

"Jesus, Matt. Don't tell me you're leaving your wife already, for me."

Matt broke out into a grin. "Shut up, asshole. You know what I mean."

Then Matt took Jeremiah into a tight embrace and with a final famous Lovato grin, walked away to his gate, to his new life.

"Fucker..." Jeremiah whispered, "I miss you all the time."

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