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jere_bear's Journal

jeremiah is sex
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This is a (slash) community for the sexy ;D guitarist of Mest - Jeremiah Rangel! <3

You can post fanfiction (slash only! NO HET!), pictures etc as long as they are Jere-centric. Oh and all the fics go into the memories ;D so if you need to find a fic look under "archives" on the comm. :D

- no anti-slash posts, please. if you don't like slash - then don't join!
- no flaming please. If you dont like a fic, fine, leave constructive criticism not a nasty comment.
- all fics need to have Jere as a major character. There can be other pairings - but should be mainly jere-centric ;)
- all fanfics and pictures MUST be posted under a lj-cut! this is how you do an lj-cut: <lj-cut text="what ever you wanna say"> and to end it </lj-cut>
- please make sure all fics are beta-ed before posting them. if you need help u can IM me (argh/hentai_m/AIM: asphixyate me) or leave a comment on my lj, or post a entry saying you need one on the comm.
- NO INTRODUCTION POSTS!!! i.e. no "hi my names chicken and i like jeremiah!" etc.
- if you post fics please use a format similar to this:

and last, but definitely not least, one simple principle that we think everyone should follow:

If you don't like it, don't read it!

There! A simple and effective way to avoid getting annoyed with fics that you think are badly written etc. :P

Need a writing challenge? Then you need to join: challenged_ - go join it now!!

matt_loves_jere ♥ join that too :P

Matt comm:
mest_up_matt :D

Brand New comm:

lol. the mods are:
aim: mattxjere and also: asphixyate me
msn messenger:argh @ shisou .net (remove spaces)
email: mattxjere @ gmail.com

msn messenger:tanpopo22 @hotmail.com
email: lasetsu @ shisou.net

we're both friendly ^_^; so feel free to contact either of us... and yeah that's it. :)
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